Femme Frontera

Femme Frontera is a journey into the physical borderlands of TX/MEX through parallel story telling about fluid migration and fluid identity. Borderland stories are so often shown in one dimension through war, danger, narcos, and chaos.

I wanted to step away from that narrative and reclaim space for stories that come together when two different entities meet. The stories documented are founded in duality and multiplicity of complex identities.

This is radical softness as a boundless form of resistance.

There is so much that comes to life on the edges, but you must step out of the center to experience it in totality. I am exploring fronteras (borders), both literal and figurative, and the many ways they manifest in the immigrant's experience: Past, present, and future. I am telling stories through personal narratives and connecting them to the collaborators’ environments and surroundings.

This is how to have a conversation with yourself about what makes you uncomfortable and what brings you comfort. By creating space to explore, photograph, and present the realities in our neighborhoods, we enable ourselves to take control of our stories. Where we point our camera, and how we use it, makes a difference in the public's perception of the immigrant experience. 

This body is a departure from traditional femininity. It moves in ways that hold space in places where tender and strong come together in collective duality. This body persists with as much resolution as grace. To hold this much space is an act of defiance in protection of community, yet we are overlooked. I am removing words that have disoriented me; words like—soft, weak, and quiet. I am picking up words of the resilience my ancestors have left me in their wake; words like - wild, loud, and confident.

This is radical softness as a boundless form of resistance. You can’t contain this body; don’t try. I bloom in the peripheries. I multiply in shadows, where few focus. I glow when nurtured by the weary hands of mothers, aunties and abuelas, women who stroke my back with all the gentleness of millennium’s past. I hold space for my community in tenderness, love, and celebration. I shine with femme friends, that are femme family, that become their own planets that entire galaxies birth forth from.