Psychedelic Dreams

photography by Andres Herrera
poetry by Daisy Leyva

what are we?
who are we? 
i dont know
do you know
no. you don't know either
12 or 20, i cant tell
you cant either
will it be like this forever. 
all the light! they’re mesmerizing
will they burn that bright forever
am i the only one amazed
the only one distracted
the only one that stops to look
do they all pass without a glance 

wait, you’re amazed too! god, you're beautiful! no you're beautiful! 
am i? 

i see you and you see me
but somehow we cant seem to see ourselves
i understand why you're confused
but why am i confused? 
do you understand?

we’re here together
we cant seem to comprehend it
but we are
maybe one day we will understand it 

soon it'll all be a blur
is it a blur for you, already? 

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