Culture: poetry, prose, review


A poetry collection

by Paola Henriquez

Illustration by  Adrienne Arcilla

Illustration by Adrienne Arcilla

Te perdí
Me enamoré
De tus olas
Tus vientos
Distanciadas según el plan del universo
La pareja perfecta
Vos y yo
Pero nos cansamos de engaños
A nosotras mismas.

Toditas las mentiras,
Las recitamos, como si estuviéramos rezando.
Que nos íbamos a reunir
Que quizás llegaba a ti.

Te vi morir
Y yo sigo viviendo
Sigo enamorada,
Un amor tan profundo así
no es fácil ocultar.
Pero te perdí.
Me rendi.
Y me quedé aquí.

How many endings will I have to survive in order to be alive?


You are hurting I know
In the soil your breath deepens
In the wind I hear your screams
In the waters I hear you calling me
To learn my truths and to know yours too
I will sit on the hills and the mountains
Our volcanos
I am ready to be taught
Let me liberate your from your pains
Let us both heal

I have all the strange blood surging inside me
Why do I feel so lost in it I
Have the urge to carve it out
To let it flow like the rivers of my land
Maybe then I would know who I am