Armando Román

Armando Román,


I am from the Northwest Side Chicago. I have lived most of my life in Chicago – with the exception of the time I am currently spending in college at Denison University. I am the youngest of three siblings, both who are now married. When I am in back in Chicago I stay with my parents. Both of my parents are from Mexico and immigrated to the United States before my oldest sibling was born. I grew up speaking mainly Spanish.

Visibility is at the core of my work. In my artistic practice, I aim to make my work as noticeable as possible. In terms of subject matter, I am typically interested in expressions of my cultural identity through the usage of motifs typically associated with “high art” of the art historical past. I aim to counter the invisibility of belonging to a marginalized identity with the usage of oversaturated color and fantastical design. I am very much interested in the “essence” of identity, that is to say, the most saturated and purest form of expression in regards to the self. My interest in identity performance and the idea of the stereotype propels my artistic practice. The act of taking a photograph is crucial to understanding this as well, as I am very much interested in the relationship that marginalized bodies have with photography as both subjects and makers. 

Instagram: armandoroman